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Global Manufacturing – is it in pieces?

Reports of its demise over the years have been, shall we say, exaggerated. The global assembly line is alive and well – underpinned by trading associations and collaborations across a global network of freight forwarders and shipping companies.

Manufacturing – a potted history

Since people first became able to produce products on a scale that exceeded […]

The small business with a big reach

When it comes to freight forwarding and supply chain logistics, you may be forgiven for imagining that ‘bigger is better’. But think again.

When you’re looking for a logistics company to handle your air or sea freight, or even your express deliveries, you may believe you need to go to a big name, a company […]

Event Preview: mmc2015 Microscience Microscopy Congress

mmc2015, the Microscience Microscopy Congress, is taking place in Manchester, the European City of Science, with EMAG 2015, from 29th June to 2nd July 2015.

INDY will be on Stand No 211 at the associated Royal Microscopy Society Exhibition.

This major scientific conference covers various disciplines and areas of microscopy and imaging, including light, and electron […]

Tweet Tweet and Up Periscope – INDY goes social

When you’re in business, Twitter is about much more than uploading photographs of what you had for dinner.

A brief social media history lesson

Back in the day, a company would have its corporate brochure. Updated perhaps every two or three years, this polished document would be the public face of the enterprise. Then the internet […]

The Corporate Chameleon

In a fast-moving world, clients’ needs and requirements are constantly changing. To remain successful suppliers need to be nimble, responsive and above all, adaptable.

Sources of industry information are legion, whatever your trade. Most come at the click of a mouse for a Google or #hashtag search, or via industry blogs and newsletters. But […]

The Etiquette of International Networking

Business is a global matter these days. But with international trade comes the need to appreciate and respect cultural differences and understand business etiquette across countries and regions.

If you’ve ever been to a business meeting in the UK, you might have shaken hands with the other attendees as you arrived. If you knew the […]